26th & 27th May 2017, Scarborough

Explore the future of Virtual Reality

The Exploring Digital Futures event in Scarborough 26th & 27th May 2017 encompasses inspiring and informative talks, discussions, networking opportunities, shows and experiences. It'll focus on emerging trends and developments in the use of digital technologies in the arts and creative industries. If you're interested in finding out more about these new technologies (particularly Virtual and Augmented Reality (AVR) and 360° film), or if you're studying or work in theatre, film and the visual arts, gaming, education, museums and galleries then our one day conference event will give you loads of information to keep you up to date with the new developments.

As well as the conference there’ll be loads more opportunities over the two days to experience many of the latest technologies either free or at low cost including Tilt Brush by Google, which allows users to ‘paint’ in 3D space; a gaming on the big screen taster session in the theatre’s McCarthy cinema and VR gaming; a 360-degree immersive astronomical experience from Scarborough’s Hidden Horizons; theatre performances exploring the use of digital technologies presented by the Stephen Joseph Theatre’s Young People’s Board; and VR art.


Sarah Ellis

Director of Digital Development, Royal Shakespeare Company

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Iain Nicholls

Artist / VR Developer

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Marcus Romer

Creative Director Artsbeacon.UK

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Sarah Jones

Immersive Storyteller in VR & 360°. Deputy Head - School of Media & Performing Arts at Coventry University

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Tom Box

Executive Producer and Co-Founder of BAFTA award winning Blue Zoo Productions

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Kayleigh Smyth

VRtist and Fine Art student at Leeds Beckett University

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Catherine Salkeld

Director and creator of HooDoo

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Ian Truelove

Artist and Principal Lecturer School of Art, Architecture and Design, Leeds Beckett University

Tom Higham

Freelance digital art, curation, production and consultancy. @MIFestival producer. @CityOfMediaArts Creative Director.

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What's On

Immersive Experiences

A programme of exciting and innovative immersive and interactive experiences at the Stephen Joseph Theatre over the two days covering gaming, performance, art and heritage.


Panel Discussions

The panel discussions are your opportunity to take part in the discussion. The aim of these discussions is to explore the potential of the new tech particularly for creative businesses, think about what it means to the sector or is it just a fad?


Networking Session

One of the most valuable aspects of the day is the networking opportunities. We will bring together practitioners, programmers and facilitators from across the country and we want you to make new, exciting connections.


Blue Zoo Productions - Showcase of HooDoo (VR game)

Tom will be showcasing their new VR game HooDoo and screening a making-of documentary to further explain the process and how the project came about and talking about their other VR projects which include a music video for Warp Record’s Squarepusher

Tilt Brush by Google

Tilt Brush lets you paint in 3D space with virtual reality. Your room is your canvas. Your palette is your imagination. The possibilities are endless.

Videos and information visit: https://www.tiltbrush.com/

Iain Nicholls - VR 1904 Coal Mine Experience

Artist Iain Nicholls will premiere his new immersive and interactive experience (funded by the Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership).


VRtize we are building a global VR Adtech platform for the next computing platforms: Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Discover more at: https://vrtize.com/


Dubit help brands create digital entertainment that kids love. Learn how our research team can help you understand what kids really think about your brand and products, or find how we can help you develop and launch your next digital product. Engage the development studio for your next app, game, virtual world, or website. They will be showcasing their new game aimed at younger visitors but fun for all called Fairy Garden in which a magic wand can do all sorts amazing things.

Discover more at: Vimeo


Blortasia is Kevin Mack’s latest mind-bending artwork. It is a virtual smorgasbord of shape, colour, motion and sound. Kevin is a Los Angeles based digital fine artist and Oscar-winning visual effects supervisor responsible for effects on films such as Fight Club, A Beautiful Mind, Fantastic Four and The Fifth Element. No stranger to digital creativity, Kevin explains what attracted him to VR: "The unconstrained creative freedom inherent in virtual reality is staggering. VR is an enormous opportunity for artists, and opens up a universe of entirely new artistic possibilities."

Blortasia, as with all the VR art at the event, is experienced and exhibited on HTC Vive headsets. Unlike traditional painting, viewers often feel like they are inside and interacting with the art which is certainly the case with the almost meditative Blortasia as you fly through evolving sculptures that can look like faces, hands and other objects thanks to a neurological illusion called pareidolia.

Discover more at: http://www.shapespacevr.com/blortasia.html

Paintings, 2011-2017

Filey based artist Ian Truelove, a lecturer at Leeds Beckett University’s School of Art, is showcasing his new VR piece, ‘Paintings, 2011-2017’. Ian says of VR art: “Recent developments in Virtual Reality technologies have finally delivered an experience that is truly immersive. Precise motion tracking, high-resolution displays and high frame rates enable a sensation of spatial presence. This sensation of 'being there' transforms the 3D virtual environment into an authentic first-person medium. As an artist, I can now quickly and cheaply produce artworks that viewers don't just view: my audiences can now be transported 'into' my artworks.”


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